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Today we want to talk about two of the safety aspects of shooting gear; proper eye and hearing protection, troche or as we call them on the range, “eyes and ears”. Let’s start with eye protection. There are dozens of types of eye protection on the market, including standard safety glasses, wraparound styles, and various tinted lens models. The key to any good piece of equipment is that it meets and exceeds the requirements you need (and look cool). Lenses should be constructed of high-impact polycarbonate and meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z-87 specification. Shooting glasses that meet this specification will have “ANSI Z-87” written on the glasses somewhere. They should also fit properly and be comfortable so as to not distract you while shooting. There is nothing worse that adjusting glasses while you are shooting. If you wear prescription glasses already, a set of clear side shields will keep errant brass out of the way for added protection. Keep them clean, scratch free, and stored in the carrying case when not in use. A quality pair of shooting glasses will last years if you take good care of them. Some of our favorite brands include Revision, Oakley, and ESS.-[source]

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