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D.C. Officials Favor Victimhood

With Washington, information pills D.C. residents concerned about violent crime soaring 40 percent in the first two months of the year, buy more about one would have thought that District officials would have had a better response than, cheapest victimhood is better than self-defense. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

“It is much better, in my opinion, to be scared, to be frightened, and even if you have to be, to be injured, but to walk away and survive,” said Paul Quander, District of Columbia’s deputy mayor for public safety and justice.

This comment followed an earlier statement by D.C. Councilman Jack Evans (Ward 2 Democrat), who, in discussing newly-drafted legislation that would eliminate some of the District’s burdensome requirements for gun ownership, opined, “Although none of us like making it easier for someone to have a gun legally, we believe that this is what we have to do.”

Yes. You read that correctly. Mr. Evans doesn’t want to make “legal” gun ownership easier. Perhaps Councilman Evans needs to re-read the Supreme Court’s Heller decision.-[source]

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