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3 Get Prison After Trafficked Guns Turn Up In Mexico

A federal judge sent three men to prison after guns they  trafficked into Mexico turned up in a shootout where nine people were  killed.

Chief U.S. District Judge Ricardo Hinojosa sentenced Pharr resident  Rene Cantu Jr., order 26; Abiel Hernandez, 26, a resident alien from  Mexico; and Juan Manuel Bugarin, 31, of Pharr, to prison after they  pleaded guilty in a gun trafficking case last year.

The judge handed down a 52-month sentence for Cantu. Hernandez received a nine-month sentence, and Bugarin received a six-month  sentence.

Each man pleaded guilty in September to making a false statement on a  federal form when purchasing a firearm — commonly known as “straw  purchasing.”-[source]

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