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Gun Rationing Limit Repeal Signed By VA Governor

Gov. Bob McDonnell signed legislation Tuesday repealing Virginia’s one-per-month limit on handgun purchases, scrapping a law that he voted for nearly two decades ago as a member of the General Assembly.

McDonnell’s decision to sign HB 940 was not a surprise. He said before the legislative session began that he supported repeal of the one-handgun-per-month law, a top priority of pro-gun organizations that have long derided it as unnecessary “gun rationing.” The repeal will take effect July 1.

Despite McDonnell’s public statements supporting the repeal, gun-control advocates made a last-ditch effort to change the governor’s mind in recent days. On Saturday, four families of victims of the 2007 mass shootings at Virginia Tech urged McDonnell to veto the legislation, arguing that public safety would be jeopardized by making guns more accessible.-[source]

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