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Cryo Chamber

Hi Pirate! We got you! (In our database).

Hi Pirate IP ###.##.#.###! We got you! (In our database). You like torrents, don’t you? At least someone in your house does. It looks like you are from United States, somewhere around The Pentagon. According to our records, you have downloaded a couple of files. Below is a table with examples. You can click on any filename to get more details. Of course, we are sure that you didn’t violate any laws of United States and downloaded only legal stuff, right?” ~ from

Think you are secure from prosecution?  Most of us share IP addressed passed around by our Internet Service provider (ISP), and the one you are using now might very well have been used by someone who uses BitTorrent technologies to pirate games, movies and music (among much else). The website will let you know if they have your current IP address in their Naughty List. The scary part is, that you could simply enter an IP address of another household and view the downloading habits of another. Anyone think this won’t be misused?

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