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Obama,Holder Busted In Gunwalker Coverup

Kenneth Melson was supposed to be the fall guy, the sacrificial lamb, the guy thrown under the bus to protect President Obama.  Melson was “expected” to resign.  He refused.

Instead, Melson, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has turned whistle-blower and all hell is about to explode over the operation dubbed by Obama’s Justice Department “Fast and Furious” but now known as the Gunwalker scandal.

It looks like the Obama regime financed (partly with “stimulus” funds) an $80 million program to allow straw buyers to purchase hundreds of weapons from federally licensed gun shops in Southwest states, over the objection of the shop owners, and then allowed these weapons to “walk” across the Mexican border into the waiting arms of the murderous Mexican drug cartels.

At first, Justice Department spokesmen said it was a “sting gone wrong.”  Then, when many pointed out that the ATF had no jurisdiction to follow the guns across the border to make arrests, the cover story fell apart.

Melson has told congressional investigators that there is a “smoking gun” internal memo withheld from Congress indicating that “political appointees” (Obama’s) in the Justice Department were involved.  This memo and other documents are being withheld from Congress as part of a cover-up.-[source]

1 comment to Obama,Holder Busted In Gunwalker Coverup

  • steve brookins

    Well they are smart, create a crisis then come up with a solution . In this case ban guns. Iam so sorry this backfired, not. All these rats who did this need to do lots of jail time ,but as usual the sys. will cover up for them. This is typical just keep bailing out those who do our country harm, polticos,bankers, finacial and credit card companies.Thats why were in the debt mess now,everyone has to pay for some big shots mistakes. Maybe it”s time to tear down the current b.s. sys. and rebuild it, with some accountabilty.

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