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Buy An A/C Unit, Get A Shotgun

In a non-descript warehouse, practically on the railroad tracks is a struggling small business.

“If the air conditioners are broke, they would rather repair them or they’re just going without it because they can’t afford to repair it,” said United Electrical Systems owner Tim Toole.

The owners are the first to admit they’ll do almost anything to stay alive.

“If I had to wear a monkey suit and walk up and down the street and I thought it would bring in business, I would do it,” said Jim Harden.

If they had to give away shot guns to bring in business, they’d do it and they are.

“We’ll run a background check and if we approve them, we will give them a shotgun,” said Harden.

A Remington Model 870, 12 gauge shot gun – for free with the installation of a brand new air conditioning system.-[source]

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