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More [geek?] Women buying guns

Men and guns, the two have been paired for ages. But not so much anymore. Ladies, it’s your turn to lock and load.

The National Rifle Association says more women are buying guns for sport and self defense, andĀ gun makers are taking notice, creating everything fromĀ revolvers called the “Pink Lady” and “Lavender Lady” to pink tasers, glasses and hearing protection.

The store said ladies guns are so popular, especially in pink, that they have a hard time keeping them in stock.

“It just warms my heart when I see pink,” Jennifer McKenna, gun owner, said. “I say, oh it’s a girl gun and it makes me giggle on the inside.”

“I’m definitely more empowered. Oddly enough, it’s made me a friendlier person and I’m not scared to engage someone who is approaching me,” McKenna said.

So move over gentleman, there’s a new sharpshooter in town and she’s packing pink. – [source]

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