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The Best Felon Killing Home Defense Tool Ever Made

Countless hours have been spent arguing what makes the “best” home defense gun.  The reality is there is not a single gun that meets the requirements of every person and household.

Frequently, viagra sale when talking about home defense guns, thumb the shotgun is brought up first.  The shotgun can make a very good home defense weapon, but it does have limitations that should be carefully considered.


Shotguns offer devastating stopping power.  From a 12 gauge shell, a homeowner can put nine 00-buck (.33 caliber) pellets into an assailant with each pull of the trigger.  While this is not guaranteed to stop a determined attacker, it is certainly an attention getter.

By comparison, a 9mm pistol fires a single .355 caliber bullet at typically slower velocities than the shotgun.  You would have to pull the trigger nine times on a pistol to put the same kind of stopping power into an assailant as a single shotgun shell.-[source]

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