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Cryo Chamber

Victim Disarment Zones

By donttreadonme

Today there was a shootout by an armed criminal and The U.S. Marshalls at a mall in Chandler,Az.

Noone was harmed during the exchange of lead, and considering the circumstances, I’d say it was a miracle.

People enter and exit the mall frequently, so there are possibilities for stray bullets to find passers by, probably not likely from law enforcement, or an armed firearms owner in a similar situation, usually a criminal frantically trying to evade the law are the ones that accidentally shoot others.

The criminal in this situation then entered the Chandler mall and began taking hostages, an easy task as firearms are currently banned in malls, while local and federal authorities locked down the fairly large mall.

Customers were then let out of the mall while police searched  business by business for the lone gunman.

Customers still have yet to get their vehicles from the parking lots, and all roads bordering the mall were also blockaded.

Witnesses to the event saw SWAT and other officers packing AR-15 rifles.

The suspect was taken into custody without incident hours later.

This brings me to the topic of victim disarment zones.

Much sooner than later firearms owners will have to decide to take a stand against businesses than ban us from from carrying while spending our hard earned money in their stores.

Whether it’s ignorance on the firearms issue or insurance reasons that business owners deny us our right to keep and bear arms, a boycott might change their minds.

The way I see it, funerals are expensive, as well as lawsuits, a well trained firearm owner’s ammunition is not.

Malls, and churches are just one of the few places firearms are banned.

The next three articles are some examples to consider.

And the Chandler mall shootout can be found here.-[source]

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