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Democrats To Limit Guns, Hi-Cap Mags, Threatening Language

Reacting to the assassination attempt on one of their own, sales two House members on Monday said they will introduce legislation that would ban certain ammunition clips and make it illegal to threaten a federal official, more about both of which they say contributed to the mass casualties in a shooting rampage in Tuscson over the weekend.
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, buy D-N.Y., plans to introduce a bill that would ban high-capacity ammunition clips like the one used by Jared Loughner, the gunman accused of killing 6 and injuring 14, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., as they gathered at a “Congress on Your Corner” event.
And Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pa., will introduce legislation that would make it illegal to uses threatening words or symbols or incite violence against a lawmaker or federal official.
Among the symbols Brady seeks to ban was one posted on the Internet by former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin that showed Democratic congressional districts, including Giffords’, with the crosshairs of a rifle scope superimposed over them.-[source]

4 comments to Democrats To Limit Guns, Hi-Cap Mags, Threatening Language

  • someothername

    Democrat Dictionary:
    Loophole [loop-hohl] or (ˈluːpˌhəʊl)
    1) freedom

    Householders are set to defy a law banning “old fashioned” light bulbs by exploiting a loophole in new legislation. Legislators want to eliminate that “loophole”

    Loopholes can be dangerous to a totalitarian government.

    NOT every wacko uses this or that gun or magazine or knife.
    Every single one of these crazies trying to kill others wears shoes They help them get from place to place to hurt MORE people, and sometimes are used in escapes. Ban shoes.
    (The TSA and airports will be safer too)

    Re: you deciding what I “need” and may have.
    How many of those OPTIONS in your car do you NEED … oh? you found a loophole? You do want us to decide what YOU “need” too right? Got any ice cream in your freezer? Please justify why you “need” it … I’m drafting a bill…

    “How many hurricanes, evacuations and aftermaths or other natural disasters have you been through to know what I “need”? Not as many as I have? Then I’m a better judge of that than you are, dontcha think?

  • someothername

    congressional districts, including Giffords’, with the crosshairs of a rifle scope superimposed over them?

    Like this Democrat map “targeting” Republicans?

    Pot, kettle?

  • Kind of outrageous we let let than 1000 elected officials walk all over our rights, and endanger our families and communities with their gun control lies and their turning a blind eye towards illegal “immigration”.
    Especially when there’s over 300,000,000 of us.
    Seems like they’re OUTNUMBERED.
    Is this hateful rhetoric or free speech?

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