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Modern Sporting Rifle (AR-15) For Hunting

visit web Helvetica, stomach sans-serif; color: black;”>By Forrest Fisher

A few years ago, I walked into the hunting cabin of a friend of mine and watched as he cleaned up what looked like an automatic military firearm. He was an United States Army Reservist, so I thought, well, pretty cool that he thought enough about his job to bring his combat toys home and clean them up right. Like many sportsmen not in the modern sporting rifle “know” at the time, I would have assumed all of the wrong things!

While the modern sporting rifle has been evolving for decades, in the last 10 years or so, shooters and hunters alike have become educated, more logical and have developed heightened interest for one shot shooting accuracy. That has led legions of hunters and shooting sportsmen to a new love and what many call the greatest sporting rifle of all time, the AR-15 platform.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, this is a rifle that is largely misunderstood due to the fact that it looks like a military rifle. It is not. The military appearance is purely cosmetic.-[source]

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