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To Reduce Mexican Crime To Leave US Defenseless

While it is true that St. Louis area gun shops are not being saddled with much of the blame for the brutal drug war violence in Mexico, keep in mind that the proposed “solutions” involve yet more oppressive regulation at the federal level, making this topic very relevant here in St. Louis, because such regulatory changes would be in effect here as much as in Texas and Arizona.  That subject has thus become a frequent focus here at St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner.  The Washington Post has, for months now, been running a series of articles demonizing gun dealers, and calling for more restrictive federal gun laws (and more aggressive enforcement of those laws).  It should come as no surprise that WaPo would eventually get around to steering that series in the direction of the “blame ‘lax U.S. gun laws’ for violence in Mexico” mantra–and indeed they now have.-[source]

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