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New York City Gun Policy Unconstitutional

Once upon a time, advice there was a land called the United States where many laws were made in order to help keep order and protect the citizens. One of those laws was called the Second Amendment, here and it allowed the people of this land to own guns in order to protect themselves.

All fairy tales aside, the Second Amendment is real and it still exists … sort of.

Back in the day, most people owned a gun because they hunted for their food. Nowadays, the only place I hunt for my food is Walmart, so the gun is not so necessary. But the town where I am from is surrounded by country and people who still hunt frequently, so I can understand why many people keep guns. But if I ever move to a city, I might purchase one and learn how to use it to defend myself in an emergency, which is the exact reason that constitutional amendment was created.

While the Amendment does remain in place to date, I have news for anyone from New York City. Currently, proposals are being made suggesting revisions on gun laws in the city: if you have a record with any sort of violation, you may soon be denied a permit to own a gun. No permit, no legal possession of the firearm.-[source]

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