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Tea Party To Rally-Goers: Leave Guns At Home

Come to the rally, but leave the guns at home.  That’s the call to Tea Party members as they hold their big election event at Hi Corbett Field this Saturday.

At a Tea Party event this past August, even the candidates themselves packed heat on stage.  That won’t happen Saturday.

“The difference is that this one is actually going to be in a stadium so we’re subject to different rules and laws,” said Tucson Tea Party leader Trent Humphries.

They’re expecting around 7 thousand people, and a gun ban was recommended to keep control.

“There’s some people that are upset by that news and I understand,” he said, “I understand completely because we favor the second amendment, that’s a big thing but the police have some concerns too.”

Humphries says they shared some concern over big names in attendance like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for attracting counter-protestors.  We asked Arpaio what he thought.

“I was just down at the border at a rally in Cochise County in August and they had guns there all over the place,” he replied, “I’m not overly concerned.”

Arpaio says he’s used to angry crowds everywhere he goes.

“I usually go and face it, they scream at me, do everything they can with all their signs but that doesn’t deter me,” he said, “I’m not going to be deterred by Tucson.”

Humphries says the ban is not mandatory, but it was suggested by police.  Otherwise, they would have had to hire more officers for security.  He says that wasn’t economically feasible.

The rally will be Saturday, October 9 at Hi Corbett Field from 8a.m to 2pm.  It is free and open to the public.-[source]

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