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State Dept Continues To Block Historic Rifles

Acting on the misguided rationalization that the historic and outdated M1 Garand semiautomatic rifle is a threat to American public safety, more about the State Department has canceled plans by the Republic of Korea to return nearly 100, erectile 000 surplus rifles to these shores and the U.S. consumer market.

Granted, the M1 was a military weapon with no use in hunting. But the gangly, long, 11-pound gun that was a staple of American infantrymen from 1936 through the 1957 is also too impractical to be used in street violence, robberies or domestic violence. Crooks, gangs and terrorists opt for far more modern, compact and efficient assault rifles.-[source]

1 comment to State Dept Continues To Block Historic Rifles

  • Jim

    I am sure the numerous folks that hunt with the m1 garand will be happy to realize that it has no use in hunting, considering that .30-06 is a common deer round. And all of that has no meaning on the fact that the 2nd amendment is not about hunting at all.

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