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More Texas Women Packing Heat

More Texas women are taking advantage of their right to bear arms than ever before.

Texas Department of Public Safety numbers show that nearly 31,000 women in Texas obtained a license. This is 40% higher than the previous high in 1996 when concealed handgun permits were first issued in Texas.

Marcy Dillon says she decided to get her CHP to protect her children, in case her husband wasn’t around to defend them, “”It’s a security blanket you carry around with you that nobody knows you have.”

Jerry Adams and John Coblentz teach concealed handgun classes and say it’s not just women who are arming themselves. “The people that are pushing gun control are making people nervous and they’re buying weapons,” said Adams.

In Tyler, there were 542 licenses issued in 2008.

In 2009, 770 licenses were issued, an increase of nearly 230 in just one year.

The cost for a CHP is about $300 and includes the course and license.-[source]

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