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Cryo Chamber

A Political Victory For All Gun Owners

A shining moment for California’s Gun owners who flexed their collective power and made their voices heard!


  • AB 1810(Feuer) – Registration of Rifles and Shotguns
  • AB 1934 (Saldana) – Handgun Open Carry Prohibition
  • AB 2358 (De Leon) – Ammunition Registration

All three of these bills posed a fundamental threat to the rights of gun owners. And there was no room for compromise any one of the bills.

It was a fight down to midnight, treat but in the late hours of August 31, AB 1810, AB 1934, and AB 2358 were DEFEATED!

This is a huge win for gun owners. Thank you to all members who took time to contact members of legislature and voice their strong opposition to these bills. Your collective voice was heard loud and clear at the capitol. You stoked the fire against AB 1810, AB 1934, and AB 2358 and it paid off!-[source]

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