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Little Sign Won’t Stop The Criminal With Gun

I ate lunch at a Clarksville restaurant and was dismayed to see the little sign on the door — the picture of the handgun with the red circle around it and slash through it, information pills meaning, “No Guns Allowed in Here.”

I lawfully took my gun out of its holster, placed it in one of the fiberglass boxes on my Harley, and locked it up. Now I ask you, what criminal, intent on going into the restaurant to commit a heinous crime, would have been stopped by that little sign from carrying his gun in there, like I was?

I also ask you, especially those of you so concerned about guns falling into the wrong hands, where do you think my gun is more secure and safe from being stolen? In a fiberglass box on my bike that can be broken open in a few seconds? Or, in the holster on my belt?-[source]

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