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Thomas Is Right: Guns Preserve Life, Liberty

Gun advocates can thank two African-American men for the significant roles they played in this week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that affirmed U.S. citizens’ right to own a gun for self-defense wherever they live.

Justice Clarence Thomas’ vote in favor of the ruling in McDonald vs. Chicago was steeped in the 14th Amendment and the historical treatment of blacks. The case involved a black man’s desire to own a firearm to protect himself from an enemy unlike the enemies who once openly mistreated blacks.

The case originated in Chicago, where a resident tried to follow the rules to have a gun at home. Otis McDonald, 76, is a retired maintenance engineer at the University of Chicago and an Army veteran.

He has been on the front lines as a civil rights activist and union leader, and lately has been out front in the gun-rights debate, where blacks are not normally in the lead.-[source]

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