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Gun-Rights Case Reveals One True “Constitutional” Justice

By a five to four majority last week, visit web the United States Supreme Court ruled that neither a state nor a city acting under a grant of authority from the state, sickness can deny a person the right to possess a firearm as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  Interestingly, of that slim, five-member majority, only one justice had the constitutional backbone to rule the right way for the right reason.  It was not Chief Justice Roberts, and it was not Antonin Scalia, considered by many as the most conservative of the tribunal’s nine members.

Standing alone in his correct and bold interpretation of both the Second Amendment and the Fourteenth, which figured prominently in the Court’s consideration of McDonald v. City of Chicago, Illinois, is Justice Clarence Thomas.  Thomas — who was savagely attacked by Democratic opponents in the Senate when the first President Bush nominated him in 1991 – solidified his reputation as the true constitutionalist on the Court.-[source]

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