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Everyday’s The Fourth Of July On Uncle Ted’s Tour Bus

A Ted NugentĀ  concert is 75 percent hard-charging rock ‘n’ roll and 25 percent a celebration of red-white-and-blue values.

At the heart of his message is that our freedom can be taken away if it isn’t understood and defended. All Americans should be mindful of that danger this Independence Day.

In between rock anthems such as “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold,” Mr. NugentĀ  hails the United States as the best country on Earth but cautions that American exceptionalism mostly exists despite the government, not because of it. When the universal rights that make America special are threatened by government overreach, defiance is the responsibility of the people, he declares. In an indictment of the out-of-control bureaucracy he calls Fedzilla, the Motor City Madman warns that one advantage America always has enjoyed is that, “the rest of the world sucks, and America has always sucked less – but we’re catching up fast.” That arrow is aimed squarely at the heart of the Obama administrationĀ  and the Democrats’ power grab, to which we say, “Amen, Uncle Ted.”-[source]

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