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No evidence gun registry works

A Conservative Party MP’s private member’s bill to scrap the long-gun firearms registry is inching toward Parliament for its third and final vote in a few weeks.

The only reason it got this far in a minority Parliament is that the Liberal and NDP leaders allowed free votes on it. That’s changed, no rx as Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has announced he’ll punish any of his members who vote their conscience or for their constituents on this matter.

NDP Leader Jack Layton has thus far remained silent. On previous readings, dosage 12 of his caucus voted in favour of scrapping the registry. So it might pass.

But the battle is far from over. With the brave and notable exception of Calgary police Chief Rick Hanson, viagra Canada’s serving cops seem to just love the $2-billion boondoggle that is the firearms registry.

On the other hand, cops love a lot of things that aren’t good for society. That’s why nobody wakes up in the morning to exult: “Oh goodie! I live in a police state!”-[source]

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