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Law enforcers aren’t ‘only ones’ we can trust with guns

Regular readers are familiar with my “Only Ones” files, named in “honor” of a DEA agent who told a roomful of school kids he was the “only one…professional enough” to carry a gun and who then proceeded to shoot himself in the foot. As I’ve explained numerous times, I don’t post such stories to “denigrate” cops, but rather, to counter the argument that they are the only ones trustworthy enough to keep and bear arms. And the term is not synonymous with all police, either–only those who buy into the citizen aren’t as responsible as us nonsense, or that unequal legal treatment is a job perk.
Here are a few recent examples to test that sentiment.

From WBALTV 11 Baltimore:

A deputy accidentally left his service revolver in a Royal Farms store…The gun was left in the restroom. When the officer returned to the store, the gun was gone.-[source]

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