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Concealed weapons law may change

Sheriff could lose discretionary power to decide who can carry a firearm
Next month, mind voters will elect a new Ventura County sheriff. It will be the first time in 32 years the election for the county’s top cop has been contested.

Besides heading the county’s largest police force, the sheriff determines who can and cannot carry a concealed weapon. But legislation making its way through Sacramento seeks to limit the amount of control the sheriff has in authorizing the permits.

According to California law, the sheriff may issue a concealed weapons permit to persons of good moral character who prove to the sheriff that they have “good cause” for the permit.

Assembly Bill 2053 would define “good cause” to carry a concealed handgun to include self-defense, defending the life of another or preventing crime that threatens human life. Permit applicants who give one of these three reasons why they need the permit would not have to prove their claim.-[source]

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