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Ca chief misunderstands 2nd A rights

Emeryville’s Chief of Police, Ken James – outspoken proponent of a measure that would criminalize the open carrying of firearms in all public areas of the state – will be attending a public forumdebate on May 26th entitled, “Exploring California’s Open Carry Policy.”

James has argued that AB 1934, which the California Assembly Appropriations Committee recently passed, would eliminate the imminent risk to police officers that he feels open carrying promotes.  However, the police chief isn’t for criminalizing open carry for all private citizens, as he seems to favor protection for specific groups such as theNorthern California Militia.

In an audiointerview with KALW News, James said these illuminating words in response to a question about the rise in militia groups throughout the nation:

     “In my opinion the Second Ammendment was written to provide the ability of normal citizens to band together and form an army just like these militias are doing. So I believe the militias are totally supported by the Second Ammendment.”-[source]

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