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To keep us from owning guns, DC politicians are willing to trade our voting rights

Congress Daily reports that House Democrats have pulled a measure that would have given the District of Columbia a vote in Congress:

The House has scrapped plans to vote on a bill that would give the District of Columbia a voting member of Congress because of a controversial amendment that would override the capital’s strict gun-control laws, Majority Leader Hoyer said this morning. Hoyer initially said he would bring the bill to the floor this week, but said today that it would not come up this year. The amendment was added to a House-passed version of the bill by the Senate.

You can be certain that our local liberal politicians made this call. They are willing to trade away our voting rights to make sure we remain defenseless against the District’s many well-armed criminals.

In Washington, D.C., we get precisely the representation we deserve.-[source]

1 comment to To keep us from owning guns, DC politicians are willing to trade our voting rights

  • citizenw

    The central premise, the fundamental first principle at the core of the American system of government, is that “just power drives from the Consent of the Governed”.

    That principle has been violated for over two centuries in the case of Washington DC.

    This failure exposes hypocrisy and illegitimacy at the core of our national government. If we are to form a More Perfect Union, we must do better.

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