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Cryo Chamber

Time to go get a gun or move

Since our officers will now have to spend time on the road delivering criminals to Riverside County Jail in Indio, response times will of course be long or not at all. Therefore, I guess I’ll be heading to the local gun shop to arm myself. Thank goodness my father taught me to shoot in my teens.
All the criminals have better guns than the general public but maybe we can surprise them. We should post a sign at Windy Point for tourists so they know to arm and defend themselves. I have lived in Palm Springs for 32 years and this has to be the dumbest thing I’ve heard. And closing the fire station that helps the elderly nearby. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen once the first person dies because of slow response time.
I arrived home on Monday from a trip and on one of my flights the gentleman seated next to me was moving out of California because of the sad state we are in. I’m sure there are thousands like him. The taxes are unbelievable and you get nothing in return.
Pat Herrick
Palm Springs-[source]

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