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Missouri, Kansas move to relax concealed-carry rules

It’s been a quiet week in Jefferson City.

Legislators writing laws. Debating the budget.

Training with handguns.

About 16 Missouri lawmakers — along with several legislative staffers and at least one representative’s wife — are taking a firearms-training course sponsored by the bipartisan “Sportsmen’s Caucus” that will qualify them for concealed weapons permits.

Tuesday’s lesson plan? Proper firearm care and cleaning.

“You need to bring your weapon tonight, pilule ” read a reminder sent out over the House e-mail system. “No ammo will be needed. Pizza and soda will be served.”

Missouri, price like most states, allows people to carry concealed weapons if they pass a training course and register with a law enforcement agency. This week, lawmakers took steps to extend that privilege into the corridors of the Capitol.

On the same day of the lawmakers’ firearms class, the House gave first-round approval to a bill that would expressly allow legislators, their aides and employees to carry concealed weapons in the statehouse.

“If you stay up with your news and what’s going on in the world, you know bad things happen all over the place,” said Rep. Jeanie Riddle, a Mokane Republican who sponsored the amendment that added the Capitol language. “It would be nice for us to not be a statistic.”-[source]

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