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Gun enthusiasts criticize NM’s ban on Utah gun permits

New Mexico will no longer accept Utah’s gun permits because officials there think Utah’s training is inadequate.

State Public Safety Secretary John Denko says Utah licenses require significantly less training than New Mexico’s. But Clark Aposhian with the Utah Shooting Sports Council says Utah has the best training in the country.

“I’ll put up our training and our stats to show that it is as good if not better than any other state,” he says.

Aposhian also says Utah made close to $1 million in gun sales revenue last year. He thinks New Mexico wants to cash in on that.

“It is a component in the balance sheet of a state’s budget,” he says. “It’s all basically an excuse by saying that Utah’s training is not as good.”

Aposhian notes that Utah gun permits are very popular and are accepted in 35 states as opposed to about 21 for New Mexico gun permits.

He says there were reports that New Mexico gun trainers were urging gun owners to get Utah gun permits because they’re cheaper. Utah charges $35 for gun licenses while New Mexico charges $100. Still, none of this justifies banning Utah gun permits, according to Aposhian.

“Utah has the best background checks. We check backgrounds every 24 hours and New Mexico has background checks every four years,” he says.

The move to ban Utah gun permits is a bad move, says Aposhian, but he also believes gun owners should support the second amendment by buying gun permits from their own states.

Right now, New Mexico is working with 18 other states to ensure their gun permit requirements meet its strict state guidelines.-[source]

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