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Gun advocates crying wolf about gun control

The false paranoia was thick last week during the Second Amendment March in Washington where gun advocates were demonstrating for their right to bear arms.

Granted, viagra 100mg Washington is no stranger to groups protesting injustices, social or criminal. But gun advocates’ fear for their Second Amendment rights seems about as misplaced as the banking industry’s fear of running low on foreclosures.

If anything, the Second Amendment March should have been a celebration of the rampant growth in gun freedoms and ownership in the last two decades.

Today there are more guns in the hands of citizens of the United States than at anytime in history. We are the most armed nation on earth. More than a third of all Americans own firearms. Two hundred seventy million firearms — that’s 42 percent of all the civilian firearms owned throughout the world — are in the hands of U.S. citizens. Based on population that’s 90 weapons per 100 U.S. citizens.-[source]

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