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Concealed-weapons issue dominates El Dorado sheriff’s race

Given El Dorado County’s Old West name, maybe it isn’t surprising that the big issue in its biggest election this year is about carrying guns.

Everywhere the six non-incumbent candidates for sheriff go – even Monday’s forum in an upscale retirement community – Topic A has been who gets a license to carry a concealed weapon.

“That’s El Dorado County for you,” said Paula Lee, League of Women Voters moderator for that forum. “They ask it over and over just because they want to hear these candidates’ commitment to what they want.”

Those candidates in the June election – John D’Agostini, Larry Hennick, Ernest Hillman, Robert Luca, George Nielsen and Craig Therkildsen – don’t argue whether the licenses, known as CCWs (carry concealed weapon) should be easier to get.

They differ only on just how much easier it should be, and sometimes that difference is hard to discern.

“I don’t think there’s more than 5 percent difference in all of us,” said Therkildsen, currently a captain with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.

Yet the question persists.

“The NRA is very strong in El Dorado County,” Lee said.
Gun control is not.-[source]

1 comment to Concealed-weapons issue dominates El Dorado sheriff’s race

  • Frank

    There is only one candidate who is absolutely clear on the CCW issue. Larry Hennick has been endorsed by the NRA and operates on a “shall recieve” platform.

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