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Starbucks Open Carry Friendly?

The coffee giant Starbucks says it won’t take issue with gun owners who take advantage of “open carry” laws and bring firearms into their restaurants.

Virginia is one of the states that allow gun owners to openly carry firearms in public places. In some places, activists have gathered at restaurants — weapons strapped to their waists – just to prove a point.

This has become a political battle in California, where some restaurants have banned gun-toting customers from their premises. Under some laws, establishments can bar customers with firearms, just as they can stop patrons who don’t wear shoes.

However, Starbucks isn’t joining the fray. The coffee chain says it follows state and local laws and has its own safety measures in its stores. – [source]

What is this ‘safety measure’ they have in place? Perhaps they have taken it a step further and are offering loaner firearms to those who forgot theirs?

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