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Pistol-Packing Moms Say They Have Good Reason

More women than ever are carrying and learning to fire guns, according to several Upstate gun instructors.At Allen Arms Indoor Range in Greenville County, women from their 20s to 90s come in to learn to shoot.

Many moms are also taking the required course to get a concealed weapons permit.

Sherry Harris said, “I believe by having your CWP and you have the ultimate in protection of the lives of yourself and your children.”

Almost 28 years as an Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room trauma nurse, with exposure to countless numbers of gunshot patients, have made Ladye Kelley more resolute when it comes to maintaining her Second Amendment rights.

Kelley, who lives in Greer, said 99 percent of the patients she has seen were injured in a crime-related shooting.

“I remember one patient involved in drugs who was shot in the back of the head execution-style,” said Kelley. “You could also see where he was bound on the wrists and ankles. His knees were scraped from being forced to kneel.”

Kelley recalled one young woman who was shot in the face by her boyfriend, who was an alleged drug dealer.

“They were watching an action movie and he had a .357 magnum revolver,” said Kelley. “He wondered what it would be like to shoot someone in the face.”

Kelley said the blast took out the right side of the victim’s face but, miraculously, did not harm the brain. The woman survived but lost most of her jawbone and all of her teeth.

“I’ll never forget her,” Kelley told WYFF.

Kelley is certified as a pistol instructor through the National Rifle Association. She also has a concealed weapons permit.-[source]

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