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Kessler wants to protect W.Va. gun owners from ‘entrapment’

Senate Judiciary Chairman Jeffrey Kessler hopes to send a strong message to the Big Apple and any others outside West Virginia: Hands off when it comes to entrapping residents with illegal firearms purchases.

In fact, order he dubbed his proposed new legislation Tuesday “the Bloomberg bill” after the New York mayor and his zest for rounding up guns.

“They’ve been sending folks across state lines, remedy outside the jurisdiction of his city, so I call it an entrapment bill,” Kessler said.

“Basically, it would make it a felony for them come out and try to purchase guns illegally in the state of West Virginia.”

Actually, the measure goes far beyond New York, he noted, since it is tailored to cover all states.

“I want to make sure they’re not entrapping people in this state and trying to enforce the laws of New York City outside the borders of New York,” Kessler, D-Marshall, said.

“It’s a movement just to basically stop that from occurring and say you’re not engaged in that kind of activity. And if it is, it’s a criminal offense in this state.”

Kessler said he wants a law on the books to discourage other states or large municipalities from “sensationalizing the fact” that firearms are being purchased illegally in one state and brought to another one.

“That’s the focus and thrust of it — to prohibit entrapment of West Virginia residents and citizens as part of a jurisdictional dispute,” the former prosecutor said.

“We don’t think they have jurisdiction to enforce their gun laws outside the state of New York.”

Kessler said the issue was raised with him by the National Rifle Association, which conveyed a concern that some anti-gun municipalities might attempt to extend the arm of their laws into West Virginia.

Kessler’s legislation would make it a felony to buy either a firearm or ammunition illegally in West Virginia from someone not allowed to possess either.

“What we’re trying to say is, the gun laws in your state can operate within your state, but they’re no good here,” he added.-[source]

3 comments to Kessler wants to protect W.Va. gun owners from ‘entrapment’

  • Hi
    Gun control is now the major subject of the world. And it harms for everyone.

  • Won’t ever happen on a global scale. I’m sure all these revolutions occurring in the middle east has taught these people ruled for decades by tyrants, the benefits of an armed society. What I don’t understand is why the people of Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t drafting the same Bill Of Rights as America, after all, they should be required to, if the USA fights their battles for them.
    In 2012, when the Tea Party regains control of the Executive branch and both houses of the Legislative branch, hopefully they won’t drag their feet acting snotty like in the time frame of 2000-2006, and pass legislation to cut off funding to the U.N., and remove the U.N. from the USA.
    And place Bolton as ambassador to the UN, he’ll take a stand against their global disarmament CONSPIRACY.

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