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Slimy Politics Help Advance ObamaCare In The Senate

– But we still have a chance to kill this bill

Nevertheless, it would have been nice to kill the legislation on Saturday, especially given that the American people had not had an opportunity to thoroughly look at it.

As you know, GOA’s legal team has reviewed each version of the legislation and found it wanting.  GOA has reported on these problems for several months, and now, these concerns are starting to gain traction inside the Beltway.

Today, The Washington Post reported that GOA’s gun-related objections “could cause political indigestion for Democrats from conservative states,” thus threatening the eventual passage of the bill.  The Post said:

“The conservative group Gun Owners of America sent out an action alert to its 300,000 members on Friday warning that the Senate legislation would mandate that doctors provide ‘gun-related health data’ to ‘a government database,’ including information on mental-health issues detected in patients, which could jeopardize their ability to obtain a firearms license.

“In addition, the group said the legislation’s ‘wellness’ provisions — designed to encourage more healthful lifestyles — would allow federal officials to mandate that companies charge higher insurance premiums for employees who own guns.”

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