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Quadriplegic hunter gets gun permit

A wheelchair-bound, quadriplegic New Jersey man who waged a

2-1/2-year battle to buy a gun has the right to a firearm permit, a

judge ruled Wednesday.

Superior Court Judge John Pursel of Somerville, N.J., ruled

Wednesday that James Cap, who is physically unable to hold a gun or

pull a trigger with his limbs, should be allowed to have a firearm ID

card despite the opposition of a local police chief, The (Newark, N.J.)

Star-Ledger reported.

"I hope you enjoy the use of your firearm," Pursel told Cap, an avid

hunter, before signing an order allowing him to get a permit under the

conditions that any guns he buys be stored in a safe and that only

qualified people assist him with the weapons.

The newspaper said Cap, 46, puts his firearm in a special wheelchair

mount and uses a mechanical device that allows him to aim and fire with

breaths through a tube.

He sued the city of Manville, N.J. after its police chief, Mark

Peltack, rejected his application. His victory was hailed by the

National Rifle Association, which had objected to the chief’s denial,

The Star-Ledger said.-[source]

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