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Chicagoland Women Buying Handguns Increasing

Local gun shop owners say they’re seeing an increase in the number of

women shoppers right now. The reasons, they say, are many, including

the downturn in the economy and violence on the street.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, about 48 percent

of people taking their first handgun seminars this year happen to be


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"It’s very dangerous out there. I mean, there’s people getting robbed

here and there," said Josie Santiago. "It’s just for protection."

Santiago says she’s always thinking about the danger lurking on the

streets of the Chicago area. It’s a big reason why she visited Illinois

Gun Works in Elmwood Park.

Not only did she shop for a new weapon, but she also wanted to find out about taking firearms training from the pros.

"It’s better that you know how to use it," Santiago said. "You know, take the class, take the course, protect yourself."

And she’s not alone. A National Shooting Sports Foundation survey found

that the top two reasons women seek firearms training are for personal

protection and target practice.

At Illinois Gun Works, the owners say they’ve seen a 40 percent

increase recently in the numbers of women looking to take classes, and

that the number of women coming in to purchase guns is rising, too.

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