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Black Man With A Gun Harms No One

The media nationwide has its panties in a knot because a person showed up at an Obama protest bearing arms and wearing a white shirt and tie. Not just any firearm, but what they like to vilify as an "assault" rifle — an AR-15 typical household single-shot long gun. But to the media, it’s a menacing black gun. And it was worn by a black man, a fact they tried to hide. I took repeated calls for “news” interviews about this incredible occurrence.

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I mentioned to the local NBC-TV affiliate that

the media seemed to be avoiding the fact that Chris, the well-known

local libertarian with the rifle (and a sidearm), was black. “Well,

we’re not supposed to mention race if it’s not a key part of the

story.” My eyebrows shot up. “You have a black man with a gun! At a

rally for the black president! That’s not relevant?” So she sheepishly

admitted, with a chuckle, “Well, that would take away the whole redneck

right-wing extremist thing.” This is known in “news” circles as

objective reporting.

A lot of people at the rally had

guns. About a dozen wore sidearms openly. You’re required to carry

openly, that’s the law. There may have been dozens more with government

permission slips to carry discreetly, no one can say. And the media

doesn’t care about them, because the media’s stated concern about the

president’s safety is nonsense, a smokescreen. They don’t care about a

possible threat like they say they do, and Chris posed none. They care

about controversy and appearances, and that includes any gun any time

any way. They hate guns. It shows. They wear their hatred on their


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