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Cryo Chamber

The Big One

What if you wanted to orchestrate the complete destruction of the most influential political, viagra 60mg cultural, healing economic, medical and legal structure that had been erected in the entire history of human civilization? How would you go about doing it?

Realizing that you are setting out upon something akin to warfare, you would study your various options.

Now let’s discuss the target: The American Political System (aka “The American Way of Life”), as designed more than two hundred years ago.

You, for whatever nefarious reason, seek to destroy the political system that has given more people individual freedom, and opportunity for economic and spiritual advancement, than all other previous systems of government combined. You seek to destroy, once and for all, “The American Experiment”.
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What must you be rid of before everything else will bow to your

will? It’s really pretty simple: You must degrade, erode, and finally

disintegrate, The Bill of Rights. How do you know this? Because, more

than two hundred years ago, a group of men devised an ingenious method

of stopping you! They knew that you, and yours, would arise from the

pestilent nether regions of humanity and would INEVITABLY seek to

impose your will upon the Nation’s masses.

However, you

cannot attack The Bill of Rights head on. Way too obvious. What you

need to do is destroy the foundation of the rest of the structure. And

what is that foundation?

What one aspect of The Bill of

Rights, if destroyed, will send the rest of the Noble Edifice tumbling

to earth like the World Trade Center towers?

The naive

liberals amongst your intended victims would say “Freedom of Speech”.

The naivety religious would say “Freedom of Religion”. The naivety

legalistic would pontificate upon prohibitions against illegal search

and seizure, or forced self incrimination. But the hardheaded, common

sense realists, your only real opponents, see the true foundation of

the Bill of Rights: The Second Amendment.

By Kirby Ferris

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. © JPFO 2009

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