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The CPR Corollary

Here is the comparison – the corollary – between the armed citizen and the lay administration of CPR.

1. In each case, discount the situation is one of grave danger, whether it is from medical emergency or violence. Cardiac arrest is generally fatal, and many crimes of violence do great bodily harm and become a fatality.

2. Each occurs in the absence of first responders, and is more life–threatening every second it evolves.

3. In each case, the citizen has full authority to act in agreement with public policy and interest.

4. In each case, the consequences of non-intervention are irrevocable and heartbreaking.

5. The very mobility and likelihood of a citizen presence improves the rapport between the government and the governed. How? Not by authorization, but by non-interference, thank you. Freedom. Call it less centralization of powers and no longer excluding the citizen from the process of a healthy and safe community.

6. Each is proven over decades of experience.

The objections to Citizen CPR in the seventies were that the situation should best be left to the professionals, such as Paramedics, that citizens would exceed the scope of their authority, that they would be sued, that they could not stay skilled and sharp because they were not career personnel.

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Why not leave it to the professionals? Because brain death begins in four minutes, and in the hospital, nearly every unit has a crash cart several paces down the hall. To the perspective of bureaucrats, help is seconds away. But gun owners have their experience, too: when seconds count, police are moments away. The CPR Corollary shows that there is an identify of values between the immediacy of the armed citizen and the immediacy of volunteer CPR. In the first moments of a medical emergency or a violent crime, you are entirely on your own. This is why a good CPR course includes artificial breathing, first-aid and the Heimlich maneuver.

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