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Chuck Norris speaks out for Gun Rights

As a Second Amendment supporter, you know there are two kinds of politicians

– those who truly support our freedom, and those who just talk about it. 

Now, in this final critical week of this campaign, we have an American

patriot with a vital message for all of us. 

Award winning movie and TV legend Chuck Norris has stepped up to the plate to

warn gun owners about politicians who pay the Second Amendment lip service when

they want YOUR vote — but oppose our rights once they’re safely in office.  Click here to

see an important new NRA TV commercial featuring Chuck Norris
Read more…Every gun owner – whether they are a hunter, a target shooter, a collector or

someone who owns a gun for self-defense – needs to hear this important message. 

Take Chuck’s advice and visit  That’s the website of your

NRA’s Political Victory Fund, where we tell you straight up who the good guys

are and who the fakes are. 

These days, anti-gun politicians don’t tell the truth.  The biased media

doesn’t either.  For that reason, only you have the power to spread this

powerful message of truth — with a little help from your NRA and Chuck


There are only seven days left before the most important election of our

lifetime.  Now is the time for action.

Please forward this message to everyone you know.  Send it to your family,

your friends, and every voter you know who values freedom and believes in the

Bill of Rights. 

Join Chuck Norris and be a force of one.  Every vote counts in every

election.  We are all counting on you to make a difference this November.  Do

this for FREEDOM. Can the NRA and Chuck Norris count on you?

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