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Personal observations of Sarah Palin

The following is a first hand account of a gentleman who has a story to tell about his experiences with Sarah Palin.  I am granting him this venue to say  what he has to say because firstly, pilule it gives us another non-press view of a soon-to-be mainstream name, cheapest and secondly, ampoule the person giving this account is a Geek with Guns (and used to host this website for me when I needed his help).

"I just wanted to let you know …

Sarah Palin who McCain just picked as the next vice president is one of the most

honest people I have known. I have known her for over 15 years, been in her

house and have had numerous conversations with her, in person, on the phone both

for personal issues as well as political issues.

"She is an excellent choice and

this might have even saved McCain from going down in history as a loser in the

presidential race. Sarah is one elected official that I can’t say anything

negative about. And after 15 years of knowing her if there was something that

was bad I would have known it.

"This lady has contacted me

personally to get help discovering how one of her co workers was abusing his

state office because she didn’t believe she could trust the states department of

law. The guy later copped a plea, paid a hefty fine and lost his state job but

this was after she quit her 2000 / week job and was forced to go public to

expose his corruption. By the way he was/is the chairman of the state republican


 "She is VERY approachable which is

going to make the insiders and secret service crazy.
"Wanted to let you


Mark Chryson
Wasilla, Alaska

If you would like to know more about the personal experiences of Mark in regards to Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, Mark has given us permission to present the following contact information for that purpose, and offered his phone number up for that purpose as well (which I will decline to provide to the GwG haters).

mark [at] – Email Mark Chryson by replacing the [at] with @

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