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Hardy and Young at NRA Show

Hardy and Young will be Giving ‘em Heller at NRA Exhibits Booth 1551

Those attending the 2008 NRA Annual Exhibits at the Kentucky Expo Center will have a unique and special opportunity this year as the Supreme Court considers the meaning of the Second Amendment in the DC vs Heller gun ban case. The Second Amendment Films booth (#1551) will have two notable independent Second Amendment scholars in attendance, David T. Hardy and David E. Young, both of whom have links to the Heller case.

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David Hardy, attorney, author, and producer will be promoting his new do*****entary film, In Search of the Second Amendment, which is available on DVD. In addition to authoring the sourcebook, Origins and Development of the Second Amendment, and many law review articles advancing the individual rights nature of the Second Amendment’s protection, David Hardy is a co-author of the amicus brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in the current DC vs Heller case by Academics for the Second Amendment, and he attended the oral arguments before the Court.

David Young, historical scholar, editor, and author will be promoting his new definitive history of the Second Amendment, The Founders’ View of the Right to Bear Arms, as well as The Origin of the Second Amendment, the complete Constitutional Era do*****ent collection that he edited and published. Mr. Young’s books have been cited to the U.S. Supreme Court a total of fifty-five times in various briefs filed in the current DC vs Heller gun ban case, and his do*****ent collection was extensively relied on in prior appeals court pro-rights decisions leading to the current case.

Anyone attending the NRA Annual Exhibits who is interested in the Second Amendment’s history or the legal ramifications of the current DC vs Heller case before the U.S. Supreme Court will be able to ask questions and discuss their points of interest with these two independent pro-rights Second Amendment scholars, each of whom has a completely different background. David Hardy, legal professional, views the entire subject from a legal perspective, while David Young, historian, relies entirely on period historical sources.

Second Amendment Films will be selling DVD copies of David Hardy’s new do*****entary, In Search of the Second Amendment, as well as copies of David Young’s new book, The Founders’ View of the Right to Bear Arms, and his do*****ent collection, The Origin of the Second Amendment, at NRA Exhibits Booth 1551.

For anyone attending the 2008 NRA Exhibits, stop by, have a chat, and pick up the very latest and most complete Second Amendment related information available anywhere.

David Hardy’s URL is:
David Young’s URL is:

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