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Funny How demonkrauts Got A Letter

(in regards to the recruiter center bombing in times square) Truth be told, I’m very surprised this act would happen under a Bush Presidency. Luckily no innocents were harmed.

What gets me is these anti-war IDIOTS would try to harm American soldiers, to get their twisted point across. Yeah, demonkrauts will LIE to our faces claiming they care about our soldiers, all the while claiming the war as unwinnable, cutting funds, voting for the war then stating the war was ILLEGAL and started without Congressional approval.

Don’t forget the fabrication of Republicans making money off the war.
I think demonkrauts have lied to themselves and the the American populace for so long they actually believe what themselves. Im sure their response to this bombing is "Good", like some I inquired.

Funny how only liberals recieved a letter from the group responsible for the domestic terrorism act,

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