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Test drive the M3 on your PC

345megs of filestream are awaiting your download from BMWmagazine, which has a sole purpose of selling more BMW’s. Oh, and they bring us the BMW M3 Challenge! It’s a free driving simulator, and you and I both know you want to take a few quicks laps of the Nürburgring.This is from their press release: "Start the ignition to see just what the V8 high-rev engine is capable of. Shift up through the gears to propel the new BMW M3 CoupĂ© forwards as it constantly pushes the boundaries of driving pleasure even further. Brake as you approach the first bend but keep your steering tight, you don’t want to lose your advantage.

Think you could have performed better? Then try again. Thanks to the BMW M3 Challenge, the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit is all yours. Configure your BMW M3 CoupĂ© using original paint finishes and enjoy the powerful sound of the engine at 8,400 rpm – until you have to brake again that is."

Download link:

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