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Texas homeowner not charged in musician shooting

The man who fatally shot New Bohemians keyboard player Jeffrey Carter Albrecht on Monday acted in self-defense.

The death of 34-year-old Jeffrey Albrecht, website like this a musician who played with Edie Brickell & New Bohemians has come as a shock to all who knew him and seems to have been an unfortunate accident.

According to police reports, ampoule Albrecht had returned with his girlfriend to her home in Dallas when things started going wrong. Apparently in a drunken rage, viagra 100mg he attacked his girlfriend and then went to her next door neighbor and started banging loudly on the door.

The neighbor, armed with a handgun, shot a fire through the top of the door, allegedly trying to scare the man away. He though Albrecht was a burglar.

As the musician was a tall man, he was shot in the head. He died at the scene.

Dallas police released the recording of the 911 call the unidentified neighbor’s wife made. The woman can be heard saying there is someone banging on her front door, after which a loud noise is heard and then her husband says into the phone that he thinks he just shot somebody.

According to the AP, Dallas police consider the unidentified homeowner was acting in self-defense and therefore did not break the law. He was not arrested Monday.

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