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Google Earth expands its horizons upward

Google has expanded the boundaries of Google Earth to include views of the universe with a new add-on called Sky. The tool, found in Google Earth 4.2, offers high-resolution photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope and educational information about stellar discoveries and constellations.

Its understandable if you are a little skeptical of the Google Earch "Directions From Here" / "Directions To Here" feature (shown on the left)… I too wondered if they somehow offered inner solar system traffic reports… which is why I right-clicked on Uranus. :)

One of the neatest features is its new found ability to setup onion-skin layers of the planetary/lunar bodies to give you a time lapse view of the planetary motions.  This can be seen from within a playable timeline, or smeared across the screen (like looking through multiple onion-skin layers). 

I use the phrase "onion-skin" because thats what they called it when I began working with Macromedia Flash.  I don’t know what Adobe’s done with Flash lately, but as long as their stock doesn’t tank, I am all for it.

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