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Beating Around The Bush White House

Democratic presidential hopefuls struggled Monday night to answer questions posed by young, Internet-savvy voters who challenged the candidates’ own place in a broken political system and posed questions about traditional political labels such as "liberal."

"Wassup?" came the first question, from a voter named Zach whose video got the debate off to an unconventional start. He went on to ask how any of the Democrats would do better than the failed leadership in Congress and the White House.

"How are you going to be any different?"

Sen. Barack Obama, a freshmen lawmaker trying to appeal to the public’s thirst for change, replied, "One of the things I bring is a perspective … that says Washington has to change."

His chief rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, claimed she has a 35- year-record as an agent of change. "The issue is which one of us will be ready from Day One."

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