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Cryo Chamber

A great time at the NHL All Stars

Download a 20 minute slideshow video (with music)
[26 meg Windows Media Video (.wmv)

320×240 res for Zune or Ipoop

I had a wonderful time attending the NHL All Star events over the past few days. I am no world traveler (only having been outside of the USA twice for visits to the Great White North), so I was very very pleased to have been a guest of an unnamed corporation who gave me ring-side seats to the events in Dallas.

They didn’t notice (or care about) a 300mm zoom lens for my Canon Digital Rebel, so I loaded up a flash memory card with 250+ close-up photos. Many of them are available for use as desktop wallpapers.

Thank you NHL for bringing back the East vs. West games, and thank you Versus for broadcasting them. I am disappointed that networks like NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX didn’t carry the games. The 3 years without these games have helped to harm the sport and further diminish the popularity of hockey.

It’s a wonderful sport regardless of your location (it doesn’t have to be played on ice), and has enough challenges, rivalries and glory for even the most dedicated of fans.

So if you haven’t really ever watched the game of Hockey, give it a try.  If you haven’t been back since the lockout a couple years back, please come back to us. The sport is faster now, the players are a blend of older (better) experience and youthful strength.  The athletes are respectful of each other, the fans and the sport.  Come back hockey fans… we miss you!

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